Holy Family Child Care & Development Center’s foundation of Christian values and parental partnerships foster an environment for each child to reach his or her potential.

The Mission of Holy Family comes alive through the combined efforts of sponsors, board members, families, employees, and volunteers.

Oh, the wonders we can achieve,
At Holy Family, where dreams come alive, you see.

But behind this magic and wonder so grand,
There’s a heartwarming secret that makes it all stand.

It’s the donors, oh yes! They’re the stars of our show,
With hearts full of kindness and love that does grow.

They sprinkle their magic, they share and they care,
Creating a world where each child can dare.

To learn and to play, to imagine and dream,
With their help, it’s a world like you’ve never seen.

So join in the fun, let your compassion ignite,
As we build a bright future, so full of delight.

Together, we’ll soar to new heights up above,
Thanks to donors like you, who share kindness and love.

So open your heart and lend us a hand,
For at Holy Family, wonders unfold, so grand!

Mission Statement

Holy Family Child Care & Development Center provides high quality early care and education in a nurturing environment that enables each child to grow in body, mind and spirit.


  • Quality care and excellence in service.
  • Developmentally appropriate programming.
  • Safe, healthy, nurturing environment.
  • Christian values to prepare children for future challenges.
  • Partnership with employees and families.
  • Serving children and families regardless of income, education level, religion, race or gender.