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2-Year-Old Child Care at Holy Family

Children between the ages of 24 months to 36 months

This class is for children 24 to 36 months of age. Children will work on potty training (when prompted by the child and his/her parents), group listening skills, art/, large and small muscle development, verbal communication, emotional and physical growth, and outdoor playground activities. A walk around the neighborhood holding on to a walking rope on a beautiful day is a special treat.


The program is comprised of specific long-term and short-term goals, taking into consideration the changing needs, interests and special characteristics of the children and their families. Within our goals are target objectives based upon West Virginia Early Learning Standards and Creative Curriculum to ensure the children learn about themselves, their feelings, communicating, moving, and doing and to acquire thinking skills. All of our program goals and objectives work towards supporting families in their role as primary educators of their child.


Our classrooms follows a consistent schedule that joins routines such as eating and resting with learning activities. Children will develop a variety of skills such as singing, listening, building, sharing, reading, discovering, negotiating, problem­ solving, role playing, counting, and sorting.


How to Get Started with Holy Family

Joining the Holy Family Child Care family is a step in the right direction. We take great pride in helping in the development of your child and we want to make sure signing up is seamless and easy.

Building healthy
realtionships to help children grow.