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Preschool Care

Preschool Child Care at Holy Family

Children between the ages of three and four

Children age three and four two years prior to entering Kindergarten are in classrooms on the second floor of the facility. Primary interest is in fostering self help skills and to support them in developing healthy, caring relationships with peers, teachers, and family. The children will be encouraged to be independent by developing good hygiene and toileting skills.


Our preschool care programs follow a weekly lesson plan and use Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum is a play-based curriculum with activity centers that include dramatic play, sand and water, art, toys and games, blocks, library, discovery, music and movement, cooking and computers. It is teacher facilitated and flows on child-choice. An after-lunch rest period, snack, and choice of play round out the day.


A preschool program is conducted each day from 9:00am to 3:00pm with emphasis on activity centers such as dramatic play, writing, blocks, math, science, music, sand and water. An after-lunch rest period, snack, and choice of play round out the day. Progress reports are given daily and parent teacher conferences are offered twice a year.


How to Get Started with Holy Family

Joining the Holy Family Child Care family is a step in the right direction. We take great pride in helping in the development of your child and we want to make sure signing up is seamless and easy.

Building healthy
realtionships to help children grow.