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Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-Kindergarten Child Care at Holy Family

Children who will enter Kindergarten within one year

This class is for children who will enter Kindergarten within one year. A variety of experiences will be offered, by a teacher who is certified by the state of West Virginia in pre-Kindergarten and Elementary Education, with the goal of supporting each child to reach the outcomes of the West Virginia Early Learning Standards. A more structured program is followed and progress reports are given daily.

West Virginia Universal Pre-K

Holy Family is joined in a collaborative effort with the Ohio County School System in providing two pre-kindergarten classes in our center.  A variety of pre-kindergarten experiences will be offered by teachers who are certified by the State of West Virginia in pre-kindergarten education. The goal of the class is to support each child to reach the outcomes of the West Virginia Early Learning Standards. It is a high-quality, developmentally appropriate program designed to meet the social, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, cultural and physical needs of four year olds and three year olds as mandated by the state and federal law.

Additional Information

This is a free service offered to families who are Ohio County residents. An additional feature of this collaborative program is that children can receive from OT, PT and speech services if needed for developmental delays. Daily ongoing observations are documented with anecdotal notes, photographs, audio clips, and children’s work samples. If you are interested in enrolling your child in this program, you will be required to complete all documentation required by HFCC&DC as well as documentation for the Ohio County school system.


How to Get Started with Holy Family

Joining the Holy Family Child Care family is a step in the right direction. We take great pride in helping in the development of your child and we want to make sure signing up is seamless and easy.

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