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Food and Nutrition

How Holy Family Child Care Handles Your Childs Food

The nutrition and food your child eats is important. We participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, administered by the West Virginia Department of Education. Our food program practices all rules and regulations monitored by the DOE. We pay strict attention to allergies, food brought from home, and overall food preparation.

Child & Adult Care Food Program

Holy Family participates in the Child & Adult Care Food Program (hereinafter “CACFP”) administered by the West Virginia Department of Education. This program mandates that we follow meal requirements established by the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”). Breakfast shall include milk, a fruit or vegetable and grains or bread. A meat or meat alternative can be served in place of a grain for breakfast only three times in a week. Lunch shall include milk; meat or meat alternate; grains or bread; and two (2) different servings of vegetables or a vegetable and fruit. Snack shall include at least two (2) of the following five (5) groups: milk; meat or meat alternate; grains or bread; fruit; and vegetable.


Holy Family will only serve items listed on its monthly menu except that it will follow written direction provided by the parent or a licensed health care provider about a child’s special dietary needs, including special needs because of a medical condition or allergy. We  will ask parents to provide a special dietary need plan from the licensed health care practioner stating any foods to be avoided, any foods to be substituted, and any need for special utensils. Holy Family shall ensure that no more than four hours elapse between meals and snacks, unless a child is asleep. Our staff members will encourage a child to eat the food served, but will not coerce or force feed a child.

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