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Children six weeks up to five years of age or beginning kindergarten are eligible for enrollment.

The child’s readiness to be separated from his/her parents/guardians and the parent/guardian’s readiness to partner with the center’s program and administration are necessary for a successful early care and learning experience.

It is our goal that each child has a friendly and fun early childhood experience.

A pre-admission visit is required before a child may enroll. The parent/guardian will discuss the child’s developmental history, personal characteristics, and special needs with the executive director or assistant director. Policies, fees and expectations will be discussed, as well as an overview of the program in which the child will participate.

Parents/guardians will receive an extensive information packet that will include many forms such as, but not limited to, the center application, a parent handbook, and required medical information. The pre-admission conference will be documented in the child’s file. There is $50.00 non-refundable registration fee payable prior to attendance.

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    Joining the Holy Family Child Care family is a step in the right direction. We take great pride in helping in the development of your child and we want to make sure signing up is seamless and easy.

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    Holy Family Child Care and Development Center provides high quality early care and education in a nurturing environment that enables each child to grow in body, mind and spirit. Our programs are catered to help development of children - from infancy to pre-kindergarten.

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