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Early Childhood Education

The programs at Holy Family will focus on five major areas of development:

Social/emotional skills, language skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, and hygiene/self-help skills.

A schedule for daily activities and a weekly lesson plan is available for each age group. Each classroom follows a consistent schedule that joins routines such as eating and resting with learning activities. Activities will include academics, special projects, field trips, etc.

Children will develop a variety of skills such as singing, listening, building, sharing, reading, discovering, negotiating, problem­ solving, role playing, counting, and sorting.

The children will be grouped by age and developmental level. Expected entrance date into Kindergarten will also be considered Activities and learning expectations will be adjusted to the age, maturity, and abilities ofthe children in the group.

The center serves children with special needs by consulting parents, appropriate professional health consultants, and staff members to develop lesson plans (including sufficient staff and equipment) that encourage growth for each individual child.

Transition from classroom to classroom is based on each child’s individual growth, development, and age. Parent consultations promote communication about each child’s readiness to move to the next classroom. Parents are encouraged to visit the new classroom and get to know the teachers prior to the move.

Each child will begin visiting their new classroom prior to moving into the group. The visits will be monitored by the Floor Coordinators and adjustments made according to the child’s needs. The process of transition from one class to another may be difficult and/or exciting for children and parents. The Holy Family staff works to make a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Holy Family Child Care Programs

Programs and Curriculum's for Development

Holy Family Child Care and Development Center provides high quality early care and education in a nurturing environment that enables each child to grow in body, mind and spirit. Our programs are catered to help development of children - from infancy to pre-kindergarten.

Additional Programs

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How to Get Started with Holy Family

Joining the Holy Family Child Care family is a step in the right direction. We take great pride in helping in the development of your child and we want to make sure signing up is seamless and easy.


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