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Handbook & Guidelines

Handbook & Guidelines

Rules and Policies for Holy Family Child Care

Holy Family Child Care and Development Center’s goal is to provide loving care using only developmentally appropriate practices to prepare children for success in school and in life by supporting them, their teachers, and their families. We know that having open communication to our policies, guidelines, and procedures help the children, teachers, and families.


Our handbook is often updated with our latest policies and procedures. We know that early childhood education and childcare is an evolving industry and there are always new requirements and procedures that help us create better environments for our children. We make our entire handbook available for all families and visitors.



During our initial pre-admission visit, we provide you our handbook and answer any question you have regarding process and procedures at Holy Family Child Care. We understand that times change and policies shift throughout the years. You will be alerted to updates through various communication methods, including: newsletters, emails, text alerts, website posts. We always welcome questions and will provide answers to any guideline or policy updates.

Holy Family Parents & Guardians

Participation and Resources

Holy Family recognizes that parents/guardians have a very important role to play in the delivery
of high-quality care to their children. We believe that involvement contributes to the effective
way in which we operate and is one the key components of our program. Parents/guardians and
staff work together to facilitate learning and role modeling for children. This partnership is
crucial for success.

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