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Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Parent and Staff Interactions at Holy Family Child Care

Open and on-going communication between parents/guardians and staff is encouraged. Please check mailboxes and clipboards for messages and important information in the morning and at pick-up time. It is important to bring questions and concerns to the attention of the executive director or assistant director. Parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the center of any changes in address, telephone number, place of employment, marital status, custody of child, hospitalization, etc.

Online Forums

Social Media – We encourage you to visit the Holy Family Facebook page for on-going center communication.

Newsletters – monthly newsletters provide center news, events, announcements, etc. These newsletters are available on the center’s website ( or by requesting a copy from the office.

Parent Resource Board – our parent resource area provides a leaning environment for parents/guardians to share opinions, ideas and experiences and increase their understanding of learning and development.

In-Person Communication

Daily Communications – daily notes from the center staff will keep you informed about your child’s activities and experiences at the center for infants through two years of age.

Bulletin boards – located outside of each room, provides classroom flexible schedule, lesson plans and current events taking place.

Family visits – family participation is encouraged. Visit our classroom, volunteer, come along on a field trip, or eat a meal with your child. Signing in is required for safety and protection of our children. The sign-in clipboard is located in the office.

Conferences – parent teacher conferences occur twice a year (spring and fall). During these conferences, we will discuss your child’s strengths, likes and dislikes, and styles of learning in a private setting. We will work together to set goals for your child’s growth and development. You may request additional conferences regarding your child’s progress at any time. We encourage you to communicate any concerns.

Holy Family Parents & Guardians

Participation and Resources

Holy Family recognizes that parents/guardians have a very important role to play in the delivery
of high-quality care to their children. We believe that involvement contributes to the effective
way in which we operate and is one the key components of our program. Parents/guardians and
staff work together to facilitate learning and role modeling for children. This partnership is
crucial for success.

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