1st floor adult bathroom
New shelf

Repaint all interior rooms

Need carpet in the following rooms
Hallway down stairs
Hallway upstairs
2’s Room
Toddler’s room
Nursery and crib room.

Blinds – Need window blinds in several rooms and

Changing table ( must be 6” deep) and storage shelves for diapers, wipes, etc.
Kaplan Educational Co. or Community Playthings

Portable sink and ground fault receptacle ( theportablesink.com)
Ozark- stainless steel top – approx. $ 1500 ea.

Rolls of Clear Packing Tape
Manila Folders, Heat Seal Laminating Paper (not self-adhesive please)
Lysol Spray
Sharpie Markers
AA, AAA & D Batteries
Copy Paper
1 1/2” White Binders
White Wash cloths